May 26, 2024

Having trouble with your RIG 400HX Xbox One mic? Here are some tips and fixes to help you get it working properly.

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Adjusting Audio Balance and Volume

To adjust the audio balance and volume on your RIG 400HX Xbox One headset, you can follow these simple steps. First, ensure that your headset is properly connected to your Xbox One controller. Then, access the Xbox dashboard by pressing the Xbox button on your controller.

Adjusting Audio Balance: Navigate to the settings menu and select “Devices & accessories.” Find your headset in the list of connected devices and select it. From there, you can adjust the audio balance to your preference.

Adjusting Volume: To adjust the volume of your headset, use the volume control buttons on the Xbox Wireless Controller. You can also adjust the volume directly on the headset itself by using the volume dial located on the ear cup.

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If you are experiencing issues with your microphone not working, make sure that the microphone is securely plugged in and that the mute switch is not enabled. You can also try resetting your Xbox One controller by removing the batteries for a few seconds and then reinserting them.

If these tips do not resolve the issue, you may need to contact Plantronics customer support for further assistance. If your headset is still under warranty, you may be eligible for a replacement or repair.

Additionally, you can seek help from online communities such as Reddit, where other users may have experienced similar issues and can offer advice on how to fix them.

Connecting Headphones to Gaming Consoles

Xbox One controller with headphones plugged in

Gaming Console Headphone Model Connection Method
Xbox One RIG 400HX 3.5mm audio jack
PlayStation 4 HyperX Cloud Alpha USB or 3.5mm audio jack
Nintendo Switch Turtle Beach Recon 70 3.5mm audio jack

For more tips and fixes on connecting headphones to your gaming console, check out the article RIG 400HX Xbox One Mic Not Working: Tips & Fixes.

Troubleshooting Audio Output Issues

If you are experiencing audio output issues with your RIG 400HX Xbox One mic, there are a few troubleshooting tips you can try before seeking further assistance.

First, make sure the mic is securely plugged into the Xbox Wireless Controller. If it is connected properly, try adjusting the volume settings on your Xbox One dashboard to ensure the mic is not muted or set to a low volume.

If the issue persists, try using the mic with another device such as a personal computer or mobile phone to see if the problem is specific to the Xbox One. This can help determine if the mic itself is faulty or if there is an issue with the console.

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If the mic works on another device, the problem may be with the Xbox One. In this case, try restarting the console and checking for any available updates. Sometimes a simple reset can resolve audio output issues.

If none of these solutions work, it may be necessary to contact Plantronics for further assistance. Check the warranty information for the RIG 400HX mic to see if it is still covered for repairs or replacements.

Additionally, consider reaching out to online communities such as Reddit for advice from other users who may have experienced similar issues with their RIG 400HX mic. They may have additional tips or fixes that could help resolve the problem.

If all else fails, you may need to purchase an adapter or seek professional help to diagnose and fix the audio output issues with your RIG 400HX Xbox One mic.

Maintaining Headphone Performance

  • Clean the headphone jack
    • Use a cotton swab to gently clean out any debris or dust from the headphone jack.
    • Avoid using sharp objects that could damage the jack.
  • Store headphones properly
    • Avoid bending or twisting the headphone cables.
    • Store headphones in a protective case when not in use.
  • Regularly clean the ear cushions
    • Remove the ear cushions and clean them with a damp cloth.
    • Allow the ear cushions to dry completely before reattaching them.


Why is my rig headset mic not working on Xbox?

Your rig headset mic may not be working on Xbox due to mic issues. Make sure your mic isn’t muted and check if Auto-mute is set too high. Try restarting both devices and checking for a firmware update for your headset.

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Why is my Xbox not letting my mic work?

Your Xbox may not be letting your mic work because the privacy settings may not be allowing communication and multiplayer features. Check your Xbox privacy settings and make sure communication and multiplayer settings are turned on for either friends or everybody.

Does the rig 400hx have a mic?

The rig 400hx does have a mic, and it is also removable.

Does the rig 400 work on Xbox One?

The RIG 400 wired gaming headset is compatible with Xbox One, as well as Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4/5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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