July 23, 2024

Are you experiencing issues with IIS WebDAV file size limits and upload restrictions? Let’s explore the potential causes and solutions for these common challenges.

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Check the maximum file size limit set in the IIS WebDAV configuration to ensure it meets your needs.

Configuring Max Upload File Size for .NET Platforms

File upload settings in IIS

To configure the max upload file size for .NET platforms in IIS WebDAV, you will need to make changes to the web.config file. Locate the httpRuntime element within the system.web section and add the maxRequestLength attribute to specify the maximum file size allowed for upload in kilobytes. For example, to allow a max file size of 100MB, set the attribute to 102400 (100 * 1024).

Additionally, you may also need to update the requestLimits element within the security section to ensure that IIS allows the specified max file size. Set the maxAllowedContentLength attribute to the maximum size in bytes, for example, 104857600 for 100MB.

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After making these changes, save the web.config file and restart the IIS server to apply the new configurations. Keep in mind that there may be other factors, such as server-side limitations or network restrictions, that could affect the actual maximum file size allowed for upload.

IIS webDAV has a default file size limit of 50 MB, but this can be adjusted in the server settings.

Editing Request Filtering and Limits in IIS Manager

To edit request filtering and limits in IIS Manager, follow these steps. First, open IIS Manager and select the server node. Then, double-click on the “Request Filtering” icon.

Next, in the “Actions” pane, click on “Edit Feature Settings” and adjust the “Maximum allowed content length” to your desired file size limit. If you want to limit the upload size, go to the “Request Filtering” page and click on “Edit Feature Settings” again. Then, adjust the “Maximum allowed content length” to your desired upload size limit.

If you encounter any issues, such as HTTP 404 errors or file size limit errors, check your request filtering and limits in IIS Manager. By adjusting these settings, you can effectively manage file size limits and upload restrictions for your web application.

When using IIS webDAV, be mindful of the file size limit to avoid unexpected errors or limitations.

Manual Modifications to ApplicationHost.config

To manually modify the ApplicationHost.config to adjust the WebDAV file size limit and upload restrictions, follow these steps:

1. Open Windows Notepad or any text editor with administrative privileges.

2. Navigate to the %windir%\system32\inetsrv\config folder and locate the ApplicationHost.config file.

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3. Make a backup copy of the ApplicationHost.config file before proceeding.

4. Open the ApplicationHost.config file in the text editor.

5. Use the find function to search for the section within the file.

6. Within the section, add the following code to increase the file size limit to 2GB:

7. After making the necessary changes, save the ApplicationHost.config file.

8. Restart the IIS (Internet Information Services) for the changes to take effect.

Understanding the Cause and Resolution of Upload Issues

  • Check File Size Limit:
    • Review the file size limit set on the IIS WebDAV server.
    • Adjust the file size limit if necessary to allow larger uploads.
  • Review Upload Restrictions:
    • Examine any upload restrictions set on the server.
    • Modify the upload restrictions to accommodate the desired file uploads.
  • Test Upload Process:
    • Attempt to upload a file to the server to verify if the issue persists.
    • Monitor the upload process for any errors or limitations.
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