June 18, 2024

Having trouble with Chrome not playing sound through your headphones? Let’s find a fix.

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Troubleshooting Sound Issues in Chrome

If you are experiencing sound issues in Chrome when using headphones, try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Check your headphone connection: Ensure that your headphones are properly connected to your device. Sometimes loose connections can result in sound problems.

2. Adjust sound settings: Go to Chrome settings and make sure the correct output device is selected for sound playback. Sometimes the wrong device can cause sound issues.

3. Clear browser cache: Clearing your browser cache can help resolve any temporary glitches that may be affecting sound playback in Chrome.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, you may want to consider checking for any updates to Chrome or your device’s operating system. In some cases, updating software can help fix sound problems. Additionally, checking online forums like Reddit for similar sound issues in Chrome can provide further troubleshooting tips.

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Checking and Adjusting Chrome’s Sound Settings

Step Instructions
1 Open Chrome and go to the top right corner of the browser where you see three vertical dots. Click on it to open the Chrome menu.
2 Scroll down and click on “Settings” to open the Chrome settings page.
3 In the settings page, scroll down and click on “Advanced” to reveal more options.
4 Under the “Privacy and security” section, click on “Site settings”.
5 Scroll down to find the “Sound” section and click on it to open sound settings.
6 Check if the site you are trying to play sound from is listed under the “Block” section. If it is, click on the three vertical dots next to it and select “Allow”.
7 Adjust the sound settings as needed, such as changing the volume or selecting the correct audio output device.
8 Close the settings page and refresh the webpage to see if the sound is now playing through your headphones.

Updating Chrome and Sound Drivers

To fix Chrome not playing sound through headphones, make sure your Chrome browser and sound drivers are up to date.

Update Chrome:
1. Open Chrome and click on the three dots in the top right corner.
2. Go to “Help” and then “About Google Chrome” to check for updates.
3. If there are updates available, Chrome will automatically download and install them.

Update Sound Drivers:
1. Right-click on the Start button and select “Device Manager.”
2. Expand the “Sound, video and game controllers” section.
3. Right-click on your audio device and select “Update driver.”

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Updating these drivers can often resolve sound issues in Chrome. If the problem persists, you may want to check your headphone connection or try using a different pair of headphones.

Resetting Chrome Settings and Clearing Cache

To reset Chrome settings and clear cache for sound issues with headphones, follow these steps. First, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the browser and select “Settings.” Next, scroll down to the bottom and click on “Advanced.” Then, under the “Privacy and security” section, click on “Clear browsing data.”

Select “All time” as the time range and check the box next to “Cached images and files.” Click “Clear data” to clear the cache.

After clearing the cache, go back to Chrome settings and click on “Advanced” again. Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Reset and clean up.” Then, click on “Restore settings to their original defaults” and confirm the reset.

This will reset Chrome settings to default, which can fix sound issues with headphones.

Once the reset is complete, restart your browser and test the sound with your headphones. If the issue persists, you may need to check your headphone settings or try using a different pair of headphones.


Why is Chrome not playing sound to my headphones?

Chrome is not playing sound to your headphones because there may be issues with your audio hardware, the website may be muted, Chrome sound may be disabled, the browser may be muted in the volume mixer, interfering extensions may be causing the problem, or there may be a need to update sound drivers, clear the browser cache, or reset Chrome.

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Why is audio not playing through headphones?

Audio is not playing through headphones because of potential issues like a loose connection, audio driver failure, accidental muting, or a short in the wiring. Restarting the device or reconnecting the headphones may help resolve the problem.

How do I change the audio output of Chrome?

To change the audio output of Chrome, you can right-click the sound icon in the notification area of the taskbar and select “Open Sound settings”. Then, in the Sound settings window, choose the desired audio output device from the drop-down menu under the “Output” section.

How do I enable audio on Chrome?

To enable audio on Chrome, you can open Chrome, click on More at the top right, go to Settings, then Privacy and security, Site Settings, and finally select your desired sound option as the default setting.

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