Independence Day 2017 Celebration

Independence Day Celebration at DGA

Independence was celebrated with great enthusiasm and respect at DGA Professional Institute. The program started at 11 AM in the institute with all Faculties, staff & students. Event started with a short speech of our Director Mr. Govind Gusain, many students have performed in the event, specially the dance performance of Ravi Kumar and Shristi Sharma was very awesome and Mind-blowing. Audience full enjoyed all performances. Apart from dance, students perform their talent as singing, speeches, song & Poetry, Jocks etc. There was an arrangement of refreshment for the students also, after the refreshment we stated games round in which all the students participated in some excited games. There was a lot of fun and masti in this section, all the students & members enjoyed these games. After the games students who participated in quiz contest of July 2017 and obtained 1st, 2nd and 3rd position are awarded with Cash Price & Gift. Top performer of Typing Competition Aug 2017 was also awarded by Certification and Gift. Apart from that, best performer of the Ceremony is also awarded by gift.